Imprint Productions

Imprint Productions is a highly specialised company of professional artists, performers, entrepreneurs and industry expert’s. It collaborates across the arts spectrum, including musicians, choreographers, artists, sculptors, fashion designers and film directors. Founded in 2009, Imprint was built on values and deep convictions which rest on a foundation of integrity, creativity and the collaboration of our people; the backbone of the company.

Defining our creative limits

Imprint productions places creativity at the core of its endeavours, so as to ensure limitless possibilities. Whether it is a show, or a new creative business, Imprint offers its artists and creators the necessary freedom to persue their own ideas whilst exploring the collaborations of various art forms. Imprint has worked and collaborated with some of the top Industry session musicians, producers such as: Paul Reid (Beverley Knight, Prince), Stuart Trotman (Peter Andre, il Divo, Saturdays) Mark Walker (West Life, Take That), professional bass player Dave Markee, and top ten producers Ian Wallman and Loteck Hifi (Roots Manouver). More recently the company have joint ventured with several established American songwriters and producers on a new album project.

Giving back

Imprint aims to be a leading entertainment and artist development company that produces some of the most successful emerging artists within its industry. Its unique industry training and the it’s new online social store-hub for emerging artists www.emergeination.com is focused on bringing money back into the arts industry, ensuring it reaches those actually creating art instead of those who have traditionally profited from the creativity of others.

The head office, located in the West Midlands UK, wishes to be a centre of creativity, where the best creative minds, craftsmen and performers can collaborate on creative projects. Imprint produces many products and services, please see below for more information, or email us at info@imprintproductions.co.uk

Imprint Services:

  • Artists and Performers for events: Festivals, Corporate, Weddings, Private functions.
  • Workshops and training for Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Proffesional Industry advice and training for emerging artists.
  • Emergeination is an online social store-pod for emerging artists to independently promote
    and sell their products and services worldwide.
  • Imprint Record Label for independant singers, musicians and music producers.
  • Imprint Dance Company: For auditions or to hire please email: info@imprintproductions.co.uk

Imprint Productions Community:

Imprint Productions is also community focused and aims to provide more life chances for young people in the local and wider communities. Earlier this year Imprint set up a not for profit community interest branch of the company, which works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Imprint has developed serveral impactful projects that will provide alternative training and life development support, helping to increase the employability and wellbeing of young people.