Oliver Pengilley / Imprint Art

oliver-pengilley-3Oliver Pengilley has been a professional artist for over eight years. Since leaving further education he has worked in various locations in the UK, including Bath, Bristol and London. Starting out as a wildlife artist, he displayed work in London along other wildlife artists such as Robert Bateman and David Shepherd. Although this was enjoyable, Oliver wanted to express more of his own heart through painting, so changed his ideas and style. Learning more from working with another Artist, Mary Shaw, from her gallery in Bristol, were Oliver ran many workshops and classes on painting. Since then he travelled to many parts of the world, painting along side musicians as part of their performance. Being able to paint fast and from his imagination, he was able to inspire and encourage others to pick up the brush and start painting. Over the last five years Oliver has been asked to come and share his knowledge on painting live (and as a performance) in various countries, including many parts of USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK. Helping others to express their hearts and thoughts through painting.

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