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Tamara JosephCatalyst by Tamara Joseph creates printed clothing for both Men and Women. Since her label launched in 2010 she has showcased at over 20 fashion shows world wide, including her own solo show in Mayfair – London, London Fashion week, Birmingham fashion week, African fashion week, Maryland fashion week and New York fashion week September 2013.

In 2012, Fashion Designer Tamara Joseph was awarded ‘Midlands Independent Fashion Designer of the Year’, she will be entering MFA again this year to try and keep her title. Tamara’S clothing are available to order through her website www.tamarajoseph.co.uk. where you can purchase any of her design’s made to measure or create your own look!Tamara also sell’s her garments through a few on-line stockist, such as:

• Stanford Row

• SilkFred


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