Susanna Westwood

Susanna Westwood was born in the United Kingdom and began her career as a performer, working with producers and professional musicians from an early age. Her drive to combine her creativity and business became clear when she first got offered a management deal with Cat Stevens manager back in 2003. Susanna quickly developed a strong partnership, forming an independent label and production company.

Through pursuing her music and dance career, Susanna has travelled all over the world training and performing in New York, Canada, Europe, Africa and many other places. She has worked with some of the best musicians and producers, Beverley Knights (MD): Paul Reid, Mark Walker: West Life (MD), Ian Wallman: Top 10 producer to name a few.

In 2009 Susanna decided to continue her education and she began her Masters in Performing Arts Innovation and Enterprise. By the time she had completed her masters degree Susanna set up the company Imprint Productions, focusing on Imprint Dance Company, where she choreographed their debut performance “Practically Porcelain”, and in 2010 establish Imprint Records, setting up an independant label for emerging artists.

In 2011, Susanna developed Imprints first big multi- performance event, involving dancers, musicians, film directors, and artists. This event received abundant support from the Arts Council and enabled Susanna to Launch her E.P ‘Live like This’,(BBC Single of the Week).

In 2012 Susanna began to develop the company even further by developing her idea of an online platform for emerging artists. In 2013 Emergeination was born and is now preparing to be launched in 2014.